Policies and Procedures

Welcome to the Grove Valley Media Center.  The Media Center is a fully automated self-service resource center for all of its patrons.  The Media Center is staffed from 8:35 am to 3:35pm by a certified full-time Library Media Specialist, as well as a full time Media Assistant.  Students visit the Media Center individually, in small groups, or with their class to circulate books, learn library skills, conduct research, work on special projects and engage in quiet reading.  A wide range of children's literature is made available to help students acquire a love of books. 

Media Center Rules
Come prepared - bring your books.
Work quietly so you do not disturb others.
Use shelf markers when browsing for books.
Ask for help if you can't find what you want.
Turn pages carefully and always use a bookmark. 
Treat books with respect so they can be returned without damage.
If your book does get damaged tell Mrs. Holman immediately.
Return books on time.

The following guidelines have been established in order that all students may have access to materials and share in the responsibility for those materials.


Kindergarten:  one book per checkout period

First through Third Grades:  two books per checkout period

Books have a 14 day check-out period. Books may be renewed if additional reading time is needed.

OVERDUE BOOKS:  If a child has an overdue book, he/she will receive an "overdue notice".  The notices are printed on a weekly basis and are delivered to the child's teacher.  No fines are charged for overdue books.  Students are encouraged to return their books in a timely manner so they can check out new books.

DAMAGED BOOKS:  If a book is damaged please do not attempt to fix the book.  Return the book to the Media Center so an attempt can be made to successfully repair the damaged item.

REPLACEMENT COST:  Books that are lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair will require replacement by the responsible individual. Books that are damaged by water or other liquids will need to be replaced if mold has damaged the book.  Replacement prices are based upon current prices available from approved book vendors.

DONATED BOOKS:  Book donations will be accepted with the understanding that they may or may not be placed in the library media collection.  The Library Media Specialist will determine the inclusion of an item in the collection based upon the same slection criteria as materials that are purchased by the District.  Donations become property of Deer Creek Public Schools when they are cataloged and included in the Library Media Collection.